Retreats are weekend events where birth moms have an opportunity to meet and connect with other birth moms. Women have the chance to share their story in anyway they wish. We talk about grief, honoring our loss, healing, building community and moving forward stronger. 

Pizza Meet Ups

Support groups where women come together with other birth moms to talk about their adoption experience, life joys and challenges while enjoying pizza. 

One on One Sessions

These sessions allow birth moms individual, personal meetings with Lori to discuss the specifics of their situation and receive guidance and direction. 

If you are interested in one on one sessions, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch to discuss pricing options. If you are an adoptive parent or agency and are interested in our services for a birth mother, please contact us.


Hear from other birthparents and their experiences at PEACE events

I tried counseling several times after placement and felt like the counselor had no idea how to help me. What I really needed was not to feel alone and the retreat did that for me. I only wish I’d found something like it a decade earlier.

Only 2 of my friends know my story so being able to be open about it and share it with all of you who have been there means everything. Just the friendship and support and just finally being able to tell people my story instead of hiding it is huge. 💙

Having placed in the days of closed adoptions, I never had any post placement support. I attended my first retreat two years after reunion. Finding the online support, individual counseling (the first time I had had counseling in 35 years), journaling and starting my blog are my tools. I’m thankful for the knowledge that I am not alone.

Even though I had more support than a lot of people during placement, when I look back I remember how lonely it felt. I hadn’t met another birthmother before. I grew up in an area of tough up and do the damn thing, and I was doing something unusual by putting the needs of my son before the desires of my heart. When I found this group, I didn’t feel so alone anymore. The two hours to drive to a pizza meet up or to retreat was nothing in being able to connect with people who got it, and making connections with people like Lauren and you and Caroline who I could reach out to to talk or in crisis. It has made me feel stronger in my decisions, helped me to explore self care and life skills I don’t know I would have otherwise, and so much more. While some people see pizza, I see community that gets this disenfranchised grief that can’t easily be put into words, and you don’t make me or anyone have to attach words to them but be ourselves and work on growth. 

 went to my first retreat shortly after I placed my daughter and it showed me that I’m not alone in this journey. It showed me that we all have very different stories and journeys but we still share a common ground. Like other have said it’s hard for outsiders to feel and understand everything we go through but the amazing group of ladies I had the chance to meet and talk to understood everything. This is a free and open space to share what we have been keeping in or holding on to that no one else will understand. The support has been amazing and I am so greatfull for it. It is a place to be loved and cared for exactly for who I am in that moment in time. I don’t have to try to pretend to be anyone I’m not and being able to fully be me is sacred.

It’s a sense of belonging and knowing your enough. There’s no judgements. We all are one, and there’s commenality amongst us. We can feel one anothers pain and hurt with our stories. It’s a sisterhood.

It brought me a sense of connection I’ve never felt before. My tears are accepted. My rage is accepted. My entirety is celebrated. It’s something I’ve never experienced before finding all of you. I could be parts of my real self, and expose certain aspects of my life, but not once outside of family could I lay out ALL OF ME, and be welcomed & celebrated the way I am with this tribe/sisterhood.

Let’s Connect.

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